Business Flyers

Business travellers are those whose travel has been paid for by their employer. They are usually key decision makers in every area of spend within their company, and are likely to take multiple trips per year. Only 35% of business travellers work while at the airport, with the majority spending their time relaxing (56%) or eating and drinking (59%), meaning that the airport is a key time in which both business solutions and leisure marketing should take place. Business travel is on the rise, with the global business travel market expected to increase 8.2 per cent by the end of the year.


While on business trips, travellers are also spending on average £373 of their own money on each trip. Shopping is the key area, but with 35% of travellers adding one or two nights onto their trips for leisure purposes, business travellers are also contributing their own money in destinations when it comes to accommodation, food and drink, attractions and transport. About two-thirds of business travelers have a bachelor’s degree or above, and travelers earn an average household income of £60,000.

On average, 53% of them take 11 trips or more per year, compared to 28% of leisure travellers. Their average age is 41 years old, with the following age group distribution: 31 percent under the age of 35; 30 percent between 35 and 44; and 40 percent over 44.

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