According a Unacast report in 2017 49% of the world’s airports plan to “directly contact passengers via their mobile phone over the next three years delivering direct and targeted advertising in-front of the passenger.

Smartphones and tablets have become a basic necessity for travellers across the world. Passengers use smartphone applications to check on flight deals, schedules, to retrieve their boarding passes, and much more living advertisers a huge opportunity for you to reach your potential customers.

Advertisers can combine a mix of traditional airport advertising media and ;

  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social Media
  • Programmatic

Using airport targeting is a great way to build your brand and implement new messaging tactics to holiday travelers. Frequent mobile browsing also means that you’ll have plenty of time to drive brand recall and recognition. If people see your ad come across their mobile device multiple times, you are more likely to drill your product or service into their brains. Maybe eventually they click, or make a purchase.


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